VPN Speed test

0 Mbps

How do I test my VPN speed?

Use the above VPN speed test tool to get the aproximate speed of your VPN server. The tool displays the average download speed in Mbps (Megabits Per Second).
You can choose from a couple of test severs around the world to see how the speeds may vary in terms of latency and speed.
This tool will show the close as possible download speed from the test servers and it can be different than the speed fom other services.

What is a good speed for VPN?

The best speed for a VPN is the one that is closest to the real speed that you have contracted with your Internet Provider, I mean, the optimal speed for a VPN is the one that doesn't slow down too much your normal speed.

Does VPN affect speed test?

Yes, a VPN can affect the results that a speed test may give, the causes of this happening can be: You are connecting to a VPN server that is far from your real location; The test server if far from the VPN server location.

Why Should I Test My Internet Speed?

Making a Speed test of your internet can give you the confidence that you are receiving the complete bandwidth that you have contracted with your ISP, or if you are connecting to the fastest server from your VPN provider.

What is a good speed test?

The optimal Internet speed depends on the service that you will use, in general a decent speed is at least 10 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload, with these specs you can you can stream Netflix, use Zoom, and play online games without difficulties.

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