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User Datagram Protocol is a connectionless internet protocol, unlike TCP, UDP does not guarantee data delivery and does not check for errors. UDP continuously sends data to the destination without checking that the data are received.
Therefore speed is one of the aspects in which UDP excels.

Free Open VPN Servers

Country Port Speed Config file
flag Taiwan 32712
flag Laos 6591
flag China 36176
flag Belarus 15685
flag Romania 4219
flag Brazil 1195
flag Brazil 1195
flag Indonesia 1196
flag Indonesia 1567
flag Russia 1195
flag Russia 11917
flag Thailand 1995
flag Thailand 1450
flag Thailand 1722
flag Thailand 9878
flag Thailand 1701
flag Thailand 1824
flag Thailand 1706
flag Thailand 1787
flag Thailand 1916
flag Thailand 1845
flag Thailand 1277
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Is there any VPN for free?

Yes, there are many companies that offers free VPN services or time limited trials, but they can be so limited and you may experience some performance issues like bandwidth limit usage or speed throttling. However the VPN servers from the list in the table above are totally free.

Are free VPNs safe?

Using free VPNs from public sources, you are sharing that VPN server with many other unknown people on internet. Therefore is recommended to use free VPNs only for basic web surfing where no sencitive data are involved.

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