Transmission Control Protocol is one of the main protocols for communicating over the Internet.
TCP provides error checking, guarantees data delivery, and that packets sends will be delivered to the destination in the order they were sent.

TCP VPN Servers

Country Port Speed Config file
flag Netherlands 443
flag Kazakhstan 5555
flag Malaysia 443
flag Estonia 443
flag Chile 1790
flag Italy 1999
flag Philippines 992
flag Cambodia 1262
flag Hungary 1405
flag Serbia 1740
flag Latvia 1800
flag Trinidad and Tobago 9008
flag Venezuela 995
flag United Arab Emirates 992
flag Slovenia 1512
flag Azerbaijan 1194
flag Germany 443
flag Indonesia 1936
flag Bulgaria 1487
flag Bulgaria 995
flag Romania 1821
flag Bangladesh 995
flag Bangladesh 1527
flag Guam 1467
flag Guam 1571
flag Singapore 443
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Free VPN by country.

Is VPNs illegal?

The use of VPN servers is legal in many countries if you use for basic things like unblock geo based content on Netflix, but there are things that are still illegal even using a VPN like torrenting copyrighted materials.

Which is best free VPN?

This website gather the bests VPN servers that are free and open for public use, each VPN server is tested for latency, speed, country, and city with uptime percentages averaging around 70%.

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