Germany Open VPN

Here you can find free OpenVPN servers that are from Germany.
These OpenVPN servers are checked and added to the Germany OpenVPN server list.

Germany Open VPN Servers

Country Port Speed Config file
flag India 1195
flag Malaysia 10768
flag Brazil 1195
flag Turkey 20089
flag Cambodia 1195
flag Argentina 27143
flag Thailand 1364
flag Thailand 1335
flag Thailand 1456
flag Thailand 30498
flag Vietnam 53162
flag Vietnam 1502
flag Russia 8826
flag Russia 37779
flag Japan 1195
flag Japan 1375
flag Japan 1195
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Is there any free VPN from Germany?

On this site you will find Germany VPN for free. The disponibility of the servers are auto updated and can change many times throughout the day.

Are Germany VPNs safe?

VPNs from Germany can be safe if it come from a reputable provider and the purpose is only for basic web navigation. We recommend to always check the privacy and log policy of the Germany VPN provider.

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