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Everyone deserves access to the best of the internet. To make it possible, we gather lists of the best free VPN services that are available on internet to make online security and privacy accessible to all. logo 400px

What is a VPN used for?

Some websites and services use your IP address to know your location. Using a VPN, the websites you access only can see the VPN IP address. The VPN server forward your request to the site you are access. The site receive the request from the VPN server as the original request, instead of you. Since the websites cant longer see your real IP address, they can’t know where you are located.
Unlike proxies, a VPN can also encrypt your traffic making it unreadable to your ISP, government, hacking or surveillance programs. Besides having more easily the choice of virtual locations across the world, bypassing easily any types of blocking.
A VPN not only secure the traffic from your web browser, it also protect any traffic from other softwares applications, like your email client, Skype, etc. This make all of your internet traffic secure.

The best free VPN.


Secure Protocol

Based in OpenVPN, the best open-source tunneling protocol used in the implementation of VPNs.


Strong Encription

All connections use AES 256-bit encryption, the highest strength encryption to protect your network traffic.


Unlimited VPN

Usage of the Internet is becoming more demandant, get unlimited downloads and location switches.


Worldwide access

Choose location from 200+ servers in 160+ countries and 1000+ cities across the world.


Fast VPN

Speed up your local internet if your are in a network that is configured to throttle the speed of certain websites or services.


VPN Free

Enjoy all of our features without any limit usage 100% free, and it will stay free forver!.

Find the best server for you.

Choose from hundred of cities and countries from an global server network optimized with unlimited transfer and locations switches, start connecting from every place in the world!

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